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Magic Word Books are as simple as children's books, but meant for seniors, including those with early to mid-stage dementia. The print is bold. The pages are thicker (it helps with arthritic fingers or shaky hands). Caregiver and senior can read together. If the senior stumbles, the caregiver can assist. If the words are too much, look at the pictures. Ask questions. Reminisce. "Did you like to go to the drive-in theater?" "Did you ever own
a station wagon?" "In your house, who put up the Christmas tree?" Whatever the senior remembers, 
or does not remember - it's all good. There are no wrong answers!
The books are also a great gift idea. What do you give a senior? For birthday? For Christmas? Hmmm. What's the Magic Word? Answer that age-old question and you have the perfect solution.
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